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Understanding the proper use of Vitamins & Trace Minerals in poultry diet

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Vitamins and trace minerals are essentials micro-nutrients occupying a central role in most metabolic process. They are required for optimum health and normal physiological functions such as growth, egg production, maintenance and reproduction. In Contrast to the energy and protein composition of the egg and meat, the vitamin and mineral contents are dependent on the diet fed to bird.

Adequate vitamin and trace mineral supplementation with quality vitamin and available minerals are expensive way to ensure that the proper development, production and healthy immune system in brooding condition and even in whole life cycle of a bird flock. On the other hand, deficiencies, excess and imbalance may affect broiler growth, egg production, hatchability, chick viability and out- break of several diseases.

So, proper use of vitamin and available minerals are most important in preparation of poultry diet. Though, it is quite difficult to determine the actual vitamin and trace minerals need for not only to prevent clinical deficiencies but also to support optimum growth and ensure good egg production, hatchability and chick viability. Many research findings have been developed regarding this issue for proper dosing of them.

For most cases, bird’s vitamins and trace mineral requirements are usually met by adding all of them as synthetic sources through feed. So, it is highly important that the trace minerals and vitamins should be correctly doses and mixed before being added to the raw materials. Care should be taken about vitamin & trace minerals balanced dose, proper mixing and proper conditioning during feed manufacturing for good and healthy feed to birds. If could so, no need to add additional vitamins & trace minerals in farm level through water or feed.

In Bangladesh, it is observed that most farmers of small and medium farms presently use additional vitamin & trace minerals to birds through water or feed for better productive and reproductive performances. This bad practice ultimately create severe deformities rather benefit. So, all should understand the proper use of vitamins and trace minerals in poultry diet for both Feed mill and Farm sides.

Md. Altaf Hossain
Nutrition Specialist (Poultry & Dairy)

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