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"LPDC Creative Fest 1.0" Successfully Organized at BSMRAU

 বশেমুরকৃবি প্রতিনিধিঃ    ৩১ অক্টোবর ২০২০, শনিবার, ১০:৫৪   কৃষি প্রতিষ্ঠান বিভাগ

BSMRAU Language and Personal Development Club organized one of the largest and most embodied online events in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University named "LPDC Creative fest 1.0". The objective of the event was to promote creative practices among the students of BSMRAU by helping them to express themselves.

Rahul Dutta, one of the coordinators (Documentation and outreach) of the event, had given most of the details on their awesome work. The event was launched on 20 September. There were 3 segments in this event namely Caging Time in Frames, Lit Quest and Two Minutes Story. The first segment was about photography and contained two different categories, DSLR Photography and Mobile Photography. The second segment was about fictitious writing and the last one was about public speaking on open theme within 120 seconds.

Submission started from 21st September and was supposed to be closed on 1st October. But the deadline had to be extended to 3rd October due to the spontaneous response of so many participants. A massive amount of creative works was submitted by students in this period. Submissions were done in the official Facebook group of the club. Once the deadline came, submission process was closed and the contents went through a primary selection. After that, the best contents were selected for final judgement and public voting as well.
Prof. Dr. Moinul Hosain Oliver (Dept. of Agricultural Engineering), Assist. Prof. Keya Rani Das (Dept. of Statistics), Assist. Prof. Farzana Mustafa Era (Dept. of Genetics and Plant Breeding) from BSMRAU were the honorable judges of this event. However, a portion of points was allocated for public reaction to the contents exhibited on the official Facebook page of the club.

The event came to its end on 10th October with an event-closing ceremony, LIVE on Facebook. The names of the winners from each segment were announced through it. One of the judges and the advisor of the club, Prof. Dr. Moinul Hosain Oliver said, "Beside studies, LPDC is a platform for story-telling and building oneself. Congratulation to all the organizers and participants of this event for their courage and for the new of experiences they have created." Assist. Prof. Keya Rani Das said, “Each of the contents seemed like the best. I applaud these efforts to develop creative works. The organizers did a great job.” Assist. Prof. Farzana Mustafa Era said, “It has been a great pleasure for me to be associated with such a beautiful event organized by BSMRAU LPDC. Also, I would like to thank the organizers for their dedication and enthusiasm.”
Event supervisor Akib Hossain said, "We believe that collaboration and partnership is one of the most significant aspects of organizational work. BSMRAU LPDC has already established a milestone by collaborating with 4 major organizations and 2 online platforms of our campus in this event. This makes the club to offer outstanding opportunities to students for learning different skills in richer ways." Event coordinator Muhammad Mustakim Billah said, “This event has been a fabulous experience for BSMRAU LPDC team. This will inspire us to come with larger arrangements in near future.”

Anushree Matabber, one of the coordinators (Documentation and outreach) of the event, had given some more details on their work that the event had opened up a new way to help the students to express their creative talent and their participation brought much delight to the club as well as to the judges. To add more, this fest was highly appreciated by associated organizations namely BSMRAU Debating Society, পরিবর্তন, Prothom Alo Bondhushavava- BSMRAU unit, Kaler Kantho Shuvoshangha- BSMRAU unit, MIRRORS of BSMRAU and বশেমুরকৃবি সাহিত্য সম্ভার (BSS).
Top contents were featured from associated organizations and all the participants received e-certificates. Top 3 of each segment received certificate of achievement, top 10 contents received certificate of excellence, every participant received certificate of participation and the organizers received certificate of leadership from BSMRAU LPDC.

This event was one of the largest and most popular online based events in BSMRAU community. BSMRAU Language and Personal Development Club was incepted with a view to helping the students to develop their confidence and self-esteem by expressing themselves. This event was part of its successful run.

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